I'm Shelly (a.k.a Shellz-art) and I am a professional concept artist, illustrator and transatlantic sailor from Ireland. 
My artwork is inspired by my travelling experiences. I have visited over 200 places and counting, 53 countries, states and small islands. I've battled raging winds, high seas, survived pirated waters and tornadoes, trekked across an entire island and up a volcano, explored around in an army tank and submarine, traded with the warao indians and barely made it across the Bermuda Triangle in one piece. Just to name a few things! I also enjoy movies, cookies, video games and playing piano / guitar. A stray cat has decided to live with me.
I've worked as a specialist illustrator and concept artist for companies based in California, New York, Tokyo, Colorado, Australia and Ireland, with experience in the gaming industry and the book/comics industry. I specialize in character concepts however I also create environments, weapons, vehicles, assets and more. 
Come say hello! Feel free to reach me on social media or email me for any work-related inquiries.
CV / Resume available upon request

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